Breast Augmentation is one of the most common procedures performed in Plastic Surgery.

There has been tremendous amount of information and research  about it.  The Implants devices that we use are Gel Cohesive Implants.  Can be round  or shape tear drop devices.  They come in different width and projections to suit the patients need.

Harmonious results are the best.

Today the Breast Augmentation is been performed with Breast Implants.  The majority are placed underneath the Pectoralis Major Muscle.  The Areolar or inframamary fold are the entry sites.

Most of the brands offer a lifetime replacement warranty.

The procedure is done uunder Intravenous anesthesia on an ambulatory basis.

Photographs are taken  before and after for documentation and teaching purpose.

Most of the patients return to work within a week and exercises in 4 weeks.

The objective is to provide a Natural, fuller , armonious and proportional for each person's bodies.

In occasion we need to add Fat graft to avoid visibility or palpability.

Brassier support is advisable at all times.