We have a bilingual Coordinator and Assistant Manager with many years of experience to answer any questions that you might have.

We assist patients from different parts of the world.

Once we coordinate and provide the first surgical  appointment , me and my staff  will recomend you to have a fully integrated Medical, Hormonal and Nutritional evaluation by a Highly US trained Medical Colleagues to have the best result that we can possible achieved.  

The Surgical team have a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Assistant,  a highly trained and experienced Anesthesiologist  and  Nursing and Physician Assistant with many years of experience.

We provide the best quality of Post Operative care that you might find anywhere in the world, having a Nurse dedicated to visit the patient at the facilities where you are staying. 

 Also we have experienced personal dedicated for Post Op Care with Lymphatic drainages and Light Ultrasound to recover faster.

 We also count with a significant number of highly trained US quality Physicians from Multiple specialties for any additional consultations