The Breast is a dynamic organ that change with Hormonal and Genetic influences.  An abnormal growth of the Breast causes breast pain, asymetries,  bad posture, back pain, cervical and thoracic spine deformities.

Today we are able to change the position of the Nipple Areolar complex and Reduce the size of the Mamary gland.  The objective is to be proportional to the height and complexion of the wome's body.

Incisions  are around the areolar complex and a Vertical inferior extension

Frequently we use Liposuction on the lateral pole towards the Axila to reduce the width

Most of the cases are ambulatory under Intravenous sedation anesthesia.

The objective is to try to preserve sensitivity as well as nursing function to the best of our ability.

The majority are well tolerated.

Most of the patients return to work within a week and to exercise at 4 weeks

Brassiere support is advisable at all times