Whether the Breast gland has to be sacrificed or if there any Congenital Asymmetries, we have the ability and training to Restore the volume and shape as close as the opposite side.

Today Breast Mastectomy with skin and Nipple areolar preservation, allow us to Reconstruct the Breast gland  volume and shape with different techniques.  We can use Soft tissue from the same patient using Skin, Fat and Muscle from adjacent or regional areas ( eg,  Abdomen, Buttock, Back ) to sculpture the volume and size according to the opposite side.  That is referred as MusculoCutaneous Flaps.  The other way to Reconstruct the volume is to use Prosthetic adjustable Expander, Implants.

Every single patient is different and it will depend upon the contralateral side, the medical condition, the subsequent therapies ( eg.  Radiation, Chemotherapy ) and patients desires.

Today in the majotity of cases, the Reconstruction is been done inmediately after the Mastectomy.  For Psycological benefits as well as for best results to the patient.  The Reconstruction does not affect the subsequent therapies for the patient.

In Congenital Asyimmetries we are able to change the shape and volume of the affected Breast, and either distribute the volume, expand the base or reduce and  or lift the breast mound.

The recovery period is different according to the technique utilized.