It is the central part of attention to the Face.  Once a proper consult  including desires and  life size photos is done,  we formulate the surgical plan.  A soft tissue analysis or Cephalometrics allow us to formulate a plan.

The patient is able to participate in the predictable result.

If there are any Functional or Obstructing airway, this can be corrected at the same time.

An Open approach is done through incisions inside of the Nose and connecting along the nares.  The dome is adjust it to the desire height and cartilages are accomodated and supported with sutures.  Frequently added cartilages graft are helpful. The bony architecture frequently is modified

This is done with General Endotracheal anestesia to protect the airway.

It is expected to have swelling and bruising of the Eyelids and Nose 

It is important to avoid any trauma or exercise to prevent bleeding.

Results are visible immediately, however time provides the best results