One of the most gratifying procedures after  acknoledge having signs of Aging and  downward displacement of the Face, Brow and Neck is a Facial and Neck  Rejuvenation.

Once the tissues debilitated by age or genetics, the ligaments supporting the skin and soft tissues relaxes underneath the skin ,allowing  the layer known as SMAS , to migrate down by gravity, bringing  the Brows, Mid Face and Neck  to an abnormal lower position.  These  provides a tired look, aged Face and Neck.

Plastic Surgery through a Rhitidectomy or Facial Rejuvenation procedure by Suspending the SMAS, allows to suture  support and relocate the structures where they belong superiorly in a vertical direction. Only the tail of the Brow is suspended.  This will give you a rested, relax and Youthful appearance.

We can do the Brows, Face and Neck independently or together in order to achieve a better and  natural appearance of the Face and Neck.  With this technique  we  avoid any stigmata of looking stretch or lifted

More and more we use Fat grafts  to the Face to provide a natural , fuller and younger Face.

It is best to evaluate photographs from previous years to plan the surgery

The anesthesia  is done under Intravenous sedation.  It is a painless procedure

Requieres an overnight stay for post op care and cold compresses.

Recovery period  over 2 weeks.  You can fly back after 8 to 10 days

You might expect temporal  Minor bruisings, swelling and diminish sensitivity.

You should be able to return to activities after 2 weeks and exercises after 4 weeks.