Probably is one of the most common procedures perform in Facial Surgery.  Very frequent Upper and lower Eyelids are done simultaneously

It consist on Removing the excess and overhanging skin from the Upper and lower Eyelids.  The procedure takes only the excess through the natural crease on the Upper lid and bellow the lashes on the lower lid.

Always use a Corneal Protector lens to avoid Corneal irritation

If there are Fat bags underneath the Eyes, they can be removed or transpose on top of the bony rim structure to avoid the sunken look.

This is done under Intravenous anesthesia.  Patients do not complain of any pain, only discomfort.  Certain patients have dry Eyes, so is important to lubricate the Eyes frequently

More and more,  we use Fat graft to the lower and Upper orbital rim to provide a youthfull appearance of the upper third of the Face

This procedure is done Ambulatory.  Icing is recommendable

Recovery is about 10 to 12 days.  You might expect minor bruising, swelling and ocassionally dryness of your Eyes